• Covenant of Joy and Sorrow

    This Jewish Remembrance momument tells the history of the Jewish people in Oldenzaal, by using universal themes such as: Identity, tolerance and forbearance, but also uses keywords like awareness, perception, and encounter.

  • The Outcome

    This image shows a lit fuse with a plume of smoke that reaches past the buildings as if it wants to transcend all earthly noise. The 12-meter-long meandering fuse is interrupted by an infinity sign, which floats between the fuses. On top of the infinity sign rests a man-sized matchlock musket (from 1611, used in the 80 years’ war).

  • Heaven holds a sense of wonder

    This statue can be found in the Sculpture Gallery of P. Struycken at the Grote Marktstraat and the Spui in The Hague. The base project of STROOM Centre for visual arts, architecture, urban planning and design of urban environment in The Hague.

  • Sending the Spirit of Compassion

    A Racka sheep stands on a green hill and ensures that the ox arrives safely. The artwork has multiple meanings. The ox and the sheep are not ordinary animals, but have a symbolic value.

  • The treetable

    The artist refers in her work to a transcendental and spiritual world, and seems to tell us that the separation between the earthly and the spiritual, is relative.

  • Cuirass

    I can feel what is inside. I rather feel the power of pain than to feel emptiness. So I can also feel rejoiced again over your goodness because of this knowledge. You cause violence in my heart dear Lord. Famke van Wijk.

  • Two Herds

    With the use of these enigmatic creatures I want to invite the audience to selfreflection. Where am I in life and which way do I want to go? Do I choose my form or will I let myself be sculpted?

  • From the four winds

    The oppressed and displaced will be "gathered from the four corners of the earth." What is all-encompassing, becomes and will be.

  • In freedom and equality

    Just like a puppy lies sleeping curled up at the feet of its boss, this symbol of loyalty incorporates a pairing off of the human; Loyalty, in freedom and equality. A flexible material like rubber is the best to confer this message.

  • The gentle and mild inherit….

    There are processes that are concealed from view and take place in the invisible and they also have no impact on our thought if we do not examine them closely. The balance of having grip on that matter or letting it slip away, is enclosed in humility.

  • Prayer’s Alchemy

    Nasty chilly practices from the Middle Ages (especially the pillory) stand in stark contrast with the beauty and mystique of the time from when Bonaventure (1221-1274) inspires and teaches about transformation and transcendence in his Triplica Via

  • The Undertone

    The artist is extremely fascinated by the tension between the invisible forces. She made plexiglass panels onto which arms and trumpets were glued. Straight through the windows angels reach for our hands. Heaven makes its presence felt. Wim Beeren

  • Equator of the mind

    In this emblematic work, a balance and its scales represent the world as it has spread out in our minds as a map. In this world the equator has been lost..

  • The double edged cutting sword

    In this sculpture the symbolism of the biblebook Revelations is easily taken to hand. The sickle (mowing, being ripe to harvest), the double edged sword (the word of God) and the projection of the crescent moon (the field already white, the independence of man).